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What aged kids do you take for BicyKids camps?
We start our camps at age 4. The camps are grouped by age and/or skill level.
Coastbusters – 4 years to 6 years
Look Ma….No Brakes! – 6 years to 8 years
Wheelie Awesome’rs – 8 years to 10 years
Free Wheeler’s – 10 year to 12 years
Please see each individual camp description for skills and equipment required

What age do you take private sessions for?
Between the ages of 4 and 100
How many riders in each group?
We run with 6-10 participants per camp. One instructor per up to 6 participants then 2
instructors up to 10 (pending current provincial gathering restrictions). BicyKids Camps will
require a minimum of 5 participants to run. Should we not have enough participants to run a
camp, we will work with you to find an alternative date/program for your little ripper.

What skills do my children need to have for mountain bike camp?
Experience on green rated mountain bike trails is an asset but not necessarily required.
Basic bike skills required for group sessions include:
Starting and stopping safely on their own without any assistance
Pedaling with control and looking ahead down the trail
Coasting in Neutral position (standing on pedals, flat feet, but off your seat!)
Not sure if your child has the skills required but want to get them into riding?
Private and Semi private sessions available for specific skills and highly recommended for
beginners to ensure your little ripper gets one on one and 100% attention from a certified

How does Bikescape adhere to the current COVID19 restrictions and guidelines?
Bikescape is keeping up to date on current guidelines and restrictions we are pivoting
as we go. We have created and implemented a COVID-19 Health and Safety plan for all
our riders. This plan incorporates the recommendations from the regional and provincial
health authority.
The five key components of our plan are:
● Education and communication
● Health checks for participants and staff
● Physical distancing methodologie
● PPE as instructed by regional health authorities when required for 1st Aid
● Rapid Response Procedures
Our classes are small (6 to 10 riders max). We run our camps outside only, rain or
shine. Riding mountain bikes on single track trails allow us to socially distance and
during snack, water and play breaks we are at least 2m apart from each to administer
1st Aid if required.

The following screening questions will be asked prior to 1st session:
** If your child is feeling unwell, please DO NOT bring them to session. Advise the
coach of sickness and symptoms including date of onset if they resemble any
sort of fever, cold or flu.**

1. How are you feeling?
2. Do you have any symptoms (cough, cold, fever?)
3. Have you been out of the country over the past 14 days?
4. Coach will then confirm emergency and weather cancellation contact Info
What about gathering limits and face coverings due to COVID19?
The following information is from the Government of Alberta and Alberta Health’s
guidelines for summer day camps.
To download a copy of the guidelines, please click here .
Summer day camps are able to operate in stable cohorts of up to 50. At Bikescape, we
will take this another step further with riders being placed into even smaller and stable
groups, no more than 6-10 riders to 1 coach. Groups will not mix, and physical
distancing will be enforced for the duration of the camp.
With the physical exertion of mountain biking, we do not recommend wearing a mask
however , face coverings within Alberta for kids at summer camp are at the option of the

What is the behavior expectation of my child for BicyKids camp?
Respectful behaviour is expected from all riders. Bullying, inappropriate language, not
following instructions or rules of the trail are some examples of behavior that will not be
tolerated. We have a “three strikes, you’re out” policy. That said, should a child be
deemed unsafe to ride with due to lack of respect for the coach or other riders, the
parent will be contacted and the child will be removed from the rest of camp sessions.
No refunds are provided when a child is asked to leave camp due to their behavior.

What if my child has medical concerns?
Your child’s health and safety are of utmost importance to us. Please let us know if your
child has any medical concerns. Small or large, significant or possibly irrelevant, we
want to know. It’s always best to have more knowledge of everyone’s history. We
confirm the contact phone number on file on the 1st day of camp on the off-chance that
we need to make a call.

What about that darn mountain weather?
With the focus being on fun, we won’t start a session in a torrential downpour. That said,
we ride through showers as the mountain weather can change in a heartbeat. Should it
be unsafe to continue to ride our bikes, we will seek shelter and contact you for a pickup
from the nearest, safest location. Any sessions cancelled will be made up on a later
date. No refunds are provided for bad weather.

Is there a course outline for the 5 day Bike Camps?
Our focus is on FUN. Each group session is made up of a teaching skill, a trail ride to
practice skills, a game and at least two snack breaks combined with plenty of water
breaks. In our group sessions we cater to the group dynamic for pace and distance.
Since the focus is on FUN, keeping to a strict schedule is not a part of our game.
Looking for more specific skills based sessions? We offer and we can work with you to
provide custom specific skills sessions.

What is your cancellation policy?
BicyKid Camp bookings are guaranteed once payment has been received. Any
cancellation requests must be submitted two weeks prior to camp start date. These
cancellations are eligible for a credit for a future camp. Any cancellations occurring less
than two weeks prior to the session start date are not eligible for credit unless that
vacant spot can be filled with another camper. All cancellations are subject to a $25.00
administration fee. There are no credits for missed days due to changed work or
vacation schedules, sick days, or other non-emergency reasons.
Any bookings cancelled by BIKESCAPE (outside of weather permitting) are 100%
refundable via MOP used for booking. Any individual session cancellations due to
weather, will be postponed to a later date.
CREDIT CLARIFICATION EXAMPLE: If you require a credit, there is a $25.00
administrative fee per registration (meaning per child, and per week). For example, if
you have two children registered in the same week, this counts as two registrations (2 x
COVID-19 Update – In the event of a program cancellation initiated by the Alberta
Government or by BIKESCAPE due to COVID-19, full credits or refunds to the original
form of payment will be provided without any fees.

What certification do your coaches have?
Our totally rad, local coaches are PMBIA (Professional Mountain Bikers Instructors
Association) Level 1, 2 or 3 certified. They have at least 40hrs of Wilderness 1st Aid
Training and have a recent (within one year) RCMP background check on file for the
vulnerable sector.

Where (what trails) do you ride during your BicyKids camps?
We generally meet at or near Quarry Lake in beautiful Canmore, AB. We ride green and
blue trails only in the vicinity and have the option to ride on the sunny side on the
Horseshoe trail network pending rider ability. We are always up for an adventure so
plays at the park, in the creeks and near the river are almost always a part of

What type of equipment is required for sessions?
A freshly tuned bicycle in great working order in a suitable size with hand brakes (no
coaster brakes and no kickstands)
A cycling specific helmet in a suitable size that is CPSC approved. No proper fitting
helmets, no riding bikes.
Snacks. Lots of packable high carb snacks! No snacks provided and no sharing snacks
between participants – let’s keep it simple and maintain a nut free environment.
Small (emphasis on small) backpack with lots of water and room for a layer
Raincoat and full finger gloves
A positive attitude and some old fashioned good behavior