Safety & Policies

Safety & Policies

Safety is our number one priority. We take pride in offering Camps and Skills sessions in a controlled “stay within your limits” environment.

Yes, mountain biking is a risky sport involving speed and challenging terrain, that does not mean we take any risks with our riders. Our coaches have the knowledge, experience and skills to teach you what you need to stay in control, minimize these risks and truly enjoy your ride.

Our Team is certified by two governing bodies in Canada – The Professional Mountain Bikers Instructor’s Association and The National Coaching Certification Program. We have a minimum of 20hr Wilderness first Aid and have an up to date criminal record check for the vulnerable sector on file. We are all Bow Valley locals who take enormous pride in their community and are all members of the Interpretive Guides Association.

Emergency Action plan, Ride Safely plan and Rapid Response Procedure available upon request.

Guidance for Outdoor Sport and Recreation Activities 


For the record, we are here to ensure we ALL have ALL the FUN. Your little rippers are expected to behave in a way that makes the whole group feel comfortable and safe. To ensure the safety of all rippers, all of the sessions at BIKESCAPE abide by the three-strike policy.

STRIKE ONE – Coach talks to the child during session and informs parent about the incident as soon as possible.
STRIKE TWO – Coach talks to the child during session and informs parent about the incident as soon as possible.
STRIKE THREE – Can result in your ripper not being welcome back. This will be dealt with on a case by case basis and will involve Head Coach Clare, Owner/Operator of BIKESCAPE INC.

Bullying of any sort, purposely not following the rules of the trail, and any sort of “attitude” will not be tolerated and is grounds for immediate dismissal. We completely understand that all our rippers may have a bad day and this will absolutely be taken into consideration.

All strikes will be given at the Coach’s discretion. Trust us, we don’t wanna be playing the strike game, there are way more fun games to be playing – like riding bikes!


BicyKid Camp bookings are guaranteed once payment has been received. Any cancellation requests must be submitted two weeks prior to camp start date. These cancellations are eligible for a credit for a future camp. Any cancellations occurring less than two weeks prior to the session start date are not eligible for credit unless that vacant spot can be filled with another camper. All cancellations are subject to a $25.00 administration fee. 

There are no credits for missed days due to changed work or vacation schedules, sick days, or other non-emergency reasons.

Any bookings canceled by BIKESCAPE (outside of weather permitting) are 100% refundable minus any fees. Any individual session cancellations due to weather or COVID19, will be postponed to a later date or a credit worth the value of that session may be given for a future camp. 

CREDIT CLARIFICATION EXAMPLE: If you require a credit, there is a $25.00 administrative fee per registration (meaning per child, and per week). For example, if you have two children registered in the same week, this counts as two registrations (2 x $25.00)

GROUP MINIMUM: We require a minimum of five (5) Bicykids to a maximum of ten (10) for a group session to go ahead. Should the minimum not be reached for a group you have registered for, you will be contacted two weeks prior to session start date to discuss options. Should there be no option available, you will be refunded 100% of your registration with no fees.